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Links to online learning activities that you might like to explore:

Across the curriculum

Studdyladder Mathematics, English, Science and more! A comprehensive program of online educational activities for students aged 4 to 12, mapped to the curriculum. There is information on this site that is specific to the school closures, info for parents and the creation of free accounts.

Education Perfect This is a progressive teaching and learning toolkit for the modern classroom. EP provides a rich library of Australian curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments across the wide range of subject areas. Content is carefully scaffolded to allow all students to independently experience success while providing rich opportunities for higher-order thinking.

BrainPOP Covering 21st Century Skills, Arts, Assessment Coding/Computer, Science/Engineering, Communication, English, Language, Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Social-emotional Learning and Special Education. This site's animated movies, creative thinking tools, interactive quizzes, and playful assessments have made a difference for millions of students. In the event of a school closure, free access to all of this site's material will be available. 



ReadTheory Excellent for reading, writing and comprehension development.

Writing A-Z Writing prompts to kick-off the writing process for students.



Storyline Online Books that are read aloud.

Audible Currently, kids of all ages can stream hundreds of free audiobooks across 6 different languages. Totally free. No sign-ups. No personal information required. 


Maths and Numeracy

Khan Academy This is an excellent website for self-directed Maths learning. It also covers topics in programming and coding, Science and Languages, amongst many other things.

Matific Another great Maths online learning tool

Prodigy Maths An online Maths classroom where teachers can assign classes maths tasks



Chrome Music Lab An online music creation tool, with strong links to mathematical thinking.



Club SciKidz Daily free science or cooking experiment to do at home

Club Oasis A free STE(A)M classes, projects, and teaching resources for families and educators.


Digital Technologies and Digital Arts

Canva Use your Google account to log in for a free account and create high-quality digital images, posters, cards, etc. Please note that the use of Canva by children under 13 years of age requires direct supervision of a parent, guardian or teacher.

ACACC Free online coding courses for Australian School students aligned to the Australian Curriculum



Power Typing Learn to touch type. and Scratch Learn to code, no matter what your skill level.

MultiLit eLibrary access