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App and Qkr

We have our very own School App. Available for download from Apple and Android. We are also phasing in online canteen ordering via the Qkr smartphone app.

School Prayer

Jesus, Good Shepherd,

Teach us through your Spirit

to walk your way of light,

to live your way of truth

and in all things

to act with love and compassion.

Help us to come to the Father

by knowing you, loving you

and serving you in each other.

May our schools be places

of wonder, learning and peace

where the lessons of today

prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow.

May your Mother, Mary,

guide our footsteps

as she guided yours.

This prayer we make in faith. Amen

School Hours

9.20am - Morning Assembly

11.30am - First Break

1.40pm - 2nd Break

3.20pm - School ends


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