Meet Our Teachers

Our staff bring with them a wealth of experience, knowledge and talent. We are very lucky to have such collegial and collaborative staff, who place such importance on the needs of their students.

Message from the Principal

Our School community provides opportunities where each child has the ability to pursue their dreams, develop their talents with confidence and purpose, and be the best they can be. Ss Peter and Paul’s School is renowned for the provision of quality pastoral care to all members of our school community.

We are committed to developing a close partnership between home and school. The teaching staff are committed to educational excellence, providing the best learning outcomes for all in a safe, supportive, happy and positive environment.

As each student learns to grow, they are encouraged to celebrate the gifts, strengths and achievements of each other and appreciate the differences.

“We are all precious in God’s sight.”

Kathy Neely

“Our priority is doing what is best for the school and our students.”
Our Teachers

Our Teachers


Miss Kathy Neely

Assistant Principal (acting)

Mr Brad Brown

Religious Education Coordinator (acting)

Mrs Cassie Harris

Curriculum Coordinator

Mr Greg Angus

Kindergarten – KH

Mrs Carmel Halder

Kindergarten – KW

Ms Nyssa Wilcox

Year 1 - 1B

Mrs Sarah Brown

Year 1 - 1S

Mrs Sasha Salmon

Mrs Louise Seaman

Year 2 - 2BM

Mrs Toni-Gaye Bush

Mrs Cathy McCarthy

Year 2 - 2YA

Mrs Sarah Yeo

Mrs Jen Ariss

Year 3/4 – 3/4A

Mrs Angela Ashley-Jones

Yera 3/4 - 3/4C

Mr David Collinge

Year 3/4 – 3/4H

Mrs Cassie Harris

Mrs Trudy Hunt

Year 5/6 - 5/6A

Miss Rowena Atkinson

Year 5/6 – 5/6J

Ms Tracey Jenkins

Year 5/6 – 5/6M

Mr Andrew Moss

Early Career Teacher Release

Mrs Giulia Yallouris 

Learning Support Teacher

Mrs Louise Seaman


Mr Brad Brown

Music and Art Teacher

Mr Greg Angus

Physical Education Teacher

Mrs Cathy McCarthy

Literacy & Numeracy Action Plan Teachers

Mr Greg Angus

Mrs Louise Seaman

LNAP & Learning Support Assistance

Mrs Cathy McCarthy

Mrs Jennifer Ariss

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Vicki Chilko

Mrs Deb Bool

Miss Eryn McTernan

Mrs Tory Simmons

Mr Gavin Halder

Mrs Kylie Brushaber

Student Welfare Officer 

Mrs Tory Simmons

Office/Finance Manager

Mrs Tracey Kain

Office Support, Newsletter and Publicity 

Mrs Caitlan Martin


Mr Steve Cady

Canteen Manager

Mrs Di Bennett