Vision and Mission Statement

         Our Vision

To Learn - with excellence

In a Catholic school where everyone grows, collaborates and feels valued; providing a positive, happy and safe environment that enables students to fulfil their potential.

To Lead - by example

To inspire others through faith, respect, responsibility and resilience.

To Love - with Jesus in our heart

In a welcoming and inclusive Catholic community that promotes the Mercy Values.


          Our Mission 

To educate in a Catholic community where Mercy Values are witnessed through service, celebration and relationships.


The school community of Ss Peter & Paul’s bases its decisions

and actions on the belief:

That each individual is unique made in the image and likeness of God 

with potential for development

That parents have a profound influence on their children

That the school is a faith community that upholds Catholic values and traditions

That the school community is witness to the teaching and example of Christ


Therefore Ss Peter & Paul’s school community strives to:

Promote the holistic development of each child to reach their full potential

Respect the dignity of each member of the school community

Support parents in their role as prime educators of their children

Reflect, support and live out the values and traditions of this faith community

Create a secure and positive school environment where Mercy Values are witnessed through service, celebration and relationships.

Acknowledgement of Country

Ss Peter and Paul's School recognises the rich indigenous history of our area. The school community acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land and shows respect for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, both past and present.

The Goulburn region was known as a 'meeting place'. This means that there wasn't just one group of people, but it had many including the following:  Mulwaree, Wollondilly, Wiradjuri, Gundungarra, Dharrook, Tharwal Tarlo, Lachlan, Pajong, Parrammagoo, Cookmal, Burra Burra and Ngunawal.

Sorry Day Celebrations

The School Captains attended the Sorry Day celebration at the Goulburn Art Gallery. One of enjoyable activities was the painting of their hands on a display board with other students.