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Peer Support Program








The Peer Support Program is designed to create a positive culture and common language that allows the school community to interact in a way that promotes health and wellbeing for all stakeholders. This program has been developed to facilitate effective interaction and communication among staff, students and parents at Ss Peter & Paul’s Primary and underpins our caring and supportive culture.

 It is based on the eight Mercy Values: Mercy, Compassion, Justice, Dignity (Respect), Excellence, Hospitality, Stewardship, and Service. Resilience is added as a focus to support the wellbeing of all students. Teachers are always 'on the lookout' for any student who is displaying any one of the school's 8 Values.

In 2015 staff began work on KidsMatter, a mental health and wellbeing framework for Primary Schools. Our work in this area supports the student’s social and emotional wellbeing and builds on the activities we are doing in these areas in the Peer Support Program.

Making Jesus Real is a program aimed at helping students gain and maintain a positive attitude to life through assisting in the development of people skills and life skills. It is centred around the belief that we are the image of Jesus to all those around us. The values promoted in our Peer Support Program encourage students to do their best, treat others fairly, be responsible for their actions, follow principles of moral and ethical conduct and to stand up for the rights of others. The Making Jesus Real programme fully supports these values and is therefore incorporated into our Peer Support Program.

This explicit teaching of the Mercy Values also underpins our school motto;

To Learn – With excellence

To Lead – By example

To Love – With Jesus in our hearts