Student Absences

The Education Act requires children to attend school on school days and parents must insist on regular attendance. Student absences from school need to be legally recorded in their class roll. All students are required to bring a written note explaining their absence to their class teacher. This note should include the important information of – date(s) of absence, reason, parent’s signature and date of note. For legal reasons, notes and class rolls are stored at the school for 10 years. The Minister for Education has approved changes to student attendance. These changes align with the ACARA National Standards for Student Attendance Data Reporting. As part of the implementation of the National Standards, holidays taken by students outside of school vacation periods will now be included as absences.

A certificate of exemption can no longer be granted for this purpose. Families are encouraged to holiday or travel during school vacations. APPLICATION FOR EXTENDED LEAVE (BETWEEN 10-100 DAYS)


School Canteen

Our school canteen currently operates 4 days a week, from Tuesday til Friday each week. It is operated by a canteen supervisor, while also relying on the generous contributions of parent volunteers. Notices in our school newsletter, advise regulalrly on specials available at the canteen. We are transitioning to online ordering via the Qkr app for smartphones.